Tennessee Wholesale Nursery- Our History

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery - About Us

The nursery and tree landscape constitute thousands of family businesses that participate in growing, retailing, installing, and caring for plants as well as landscapes. The nursery greenhouse industry has the fastest growing segment of agriculture. Although a recent review of the sector indicated that the number of greenhouse farms has increased in the previous decade, the number of farms has significantly declined. Consequently, receipts from grower cash increased gradually over the last two decades. One such retail company that's supplying plants of different species is the Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.

For more than fifty years, the family owned and operated business has been providing the best quality of services and products. The company supplies shrubs, wetland, and native plants, alongside trees. The staff's availability highly exceeds most growers with more than 3000 acres of plants to choose from provided by other growers. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery strives to grow great plants and supply them to clients at the lowest prices online. Additionally, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has a prestigious clientele across the world including at the Central Park, the Washington Monument, and The Battery Conservancy.

Opening its doors to more than 1000 clients was a humbling experience. Starting as a one-man company seated in a couple of acres as well as hand plows, the company is now a state-of-the-art local plants supplier that employs experienced transplanters to handle most of the work. Today, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery ships large volumes of bare root orders through a common carrier. Smaller homeowners can receive their orders in three days after choosing their selection online. The workforce will handle the rest of the work for the client.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is open to meet clients from different walks of life including architects, business developers, master gardeners, agriculturists, company owners, and executives. These individuals have received positive experience from the service department and as such, given positive reviews. Tennessee Wholesale is confident about the type of services it offers to clients.


Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Has A Rich History With Roots Knee Deep