The Advantages of Planting Shrubs

Posted by Tammy on Feb 16, 2015

Shrubs and trees can add value

Homeowners are always trying to take the time to make home improvements so that one day if they want to sell their home, it has added value instead of depreciation. Most homeowners want to spend all that extra money on the inside, but they don't realize that adding some curb appeal on the outside can also add value to one's home. People who purchase a new home often can tell when they pull up if it's a home they want to spend any more time on by the curb appeal.

By taking time to add some trees or shrubs, one can turn heads instantly, and this in itself will draw them into coming in to look around. A lovely landscaped yard will look more inviting.

The English boxwood shrubs will make an amazing-looking border around a lawn or home. They can grow to be two to three feet tall and also around two to three feet wide. They are slow growers and will only grow about an inch each year. They do great in full sunlight and partial shade and will like well-drained soil conditions. This one will also grow to be very thick and dense but can be cut to the desired height.

It is a fantastic pine tree that will look great on a more extensive lawn. It can grow to be around 60 to 100 feet tall and be around 25 to 30 feet wide. It is excellent when planted in full sunlight and can adjust very well to various soil conditions. This pine tree also likes climate zones 3 through 7. It will look fantastic and will also have a wonderful scent to this tree when grown. This tree will look majestic when grown and will need plenty of room to grow and become healthy.

This Silver Maple can grow to be 50 to 80 feet tall and grow very well in partial sunlight and full sunlight. It is also very adaptable to different soils and will also thrive in drought conditions. It will grow well in climate zones 4 through 8 and make a great addition to a lawn or property. These are fast-growing trees and will also add a lot of color in the spring and the year's summer months.

Another shrub that is perfect for your garden would be the Pee Gee Hydrangea. They are easy to grow and provide gorgeous large white blooms.