Tips For Container Gardens

Posted by Tennessee Wholesale Nursery on Sep 30, 2014

Container gardening works well in small spaces. It is especially great for those with more miniature landscapes, living in apartments, or only a patio to experience gardening. Any container will work if it has holes in the bottom. Drainage is an essential factor here. Without proper draining in the soil, plants could become waterlogged and will not make it. You want to ensure that the soil keeps what it needs for the plants and drains the rest. Know is to fill the container and water it to test the drainage. Since the containers will likely be closer to your home, the plants and flowers in these get enough light to grow and develop properly. Most need at least six hours a day to flourish. Research the area where they will be placed and the requirements of each flower or plant before placing it. Since the plants will be in potting soil, give them some food.

Plants get hungry just like we do! Adding a slow-release fertilizer to the mix will help tremendously and provide your plants and flowers with food for up to twelve weeks. Add the fertilizer every few months for the best results. You also want to make sure when you plant that you place those that will grow well together. Know what you need for plants and flowers. You do not want to buy too much and must overcrowd the containers. Make a plan before shopping and stick with it. Some plants might not make it, and that is okay. Gardening has pros and cons, and sometimes plants die.

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