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Posted by Tennessee Wholesale Nursery on Dec 31, 1969

Suppose you are personally like many other people. In that case, you may find yourself overwhelmed with your gardening and landscaping responsibilities, which can be a problem to the point where you give up. If you start by taking steps to prevent some gardening problems and make things take less time is the way to go in everything you do. As with most other things with landscaping, making a plan is the key to success in this endeavor. First, you should walk around your property and note what needs the most attention at first and which areas need less care and maintenance. You will also need to make notes to look at areas that can be downsized or turned into a more low-maintenance areas. Also, evaluate any issues you have with weeds or mowing concerns.

It would help if you also thought of what you dislike having to do in your garden and made that problem a priority. Add mulch or light stones around the plants to keep weeds at bay. That will keep weeds at bay and do not disturb the soil unless you have to, as this will stir up weed seeds and cause them to sprout. Additionally, this will help keep moisture in the soil, and plants and flowers can spend more time between waterings, which saves time. Also, consider planting flowers such as the Day Lily, which does very well on its own and needs little attention from you. The same is true for hostas if you look for something that will produce unique and beautiful foliage. The key is to add things that will require minimal effort to maintain, especially if you are busy and have a lot of time on the weekends to accomplish yard work. Also, think about downsizing your garden if it is too big and you cannot afford the time to care for such a thing. Flowers are living things too, and it is essential to give them respect. Follow these tips for hassle-free gardening and help you become better acquainted with the inhabitants in your garden or landscape area. Making a plan is critical!