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I love my shrubs so much I had to send you pictures of them. I have a vibrant red border all around my lawn. Joseph Larson


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The Many Attributes Of Red Ozier Dogwood Live Stakes In Wetlands 

Red Ozier Dogwood live stakes are found in wetlands and other watery areas. At maturity, they reach heights of up to five feet. This shrub is leafy and green in the spring and summer. In spring, white flowers bloom all over its limbs that eventually turn into small red berries enjoyed by animals and birds. In the winter, it's thin, very red to yellow upright stems with horizontal branches are visible.



 The Red Ozier Dogwood (Cornus sericea or Cornus stolonifera) grows hardily in the U.S. Agricultural zones of 2 through 8. Many growers choose to shear the shrub to keep the vibrant red limbs visible each winter. Over time if not sheared, the legs grow a dull gray. Some gardeners prune the plant to the ground in the spring to promote new growth and maintain the bright red color. Many people use this for hedges to add colorful borders or screens to their landscapes.

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 The shrub grows at a rate of two feet per season. At maturity, it can reach a height and width of five feet by nine feet. It grows best in full sun to partial shade. It likes swampy and boggy areas with rich fertile soil. The Red Ozier Dogwood should be pruned to control its growth and encourage its bright festive red color.




 Animals and birds enjoy the white and bluish berries that grow on the shrub in late spring and early autumn. In the spring, the white flowers attract butterflies seeking to fertilize the plants. This deciduous shrub sheds its leaves in the winter, revealing its red to yellow bark is visible to all. For about three years, the bright colors are visible each winter.



 You may know the Red Ozier Dogwood by one of its many other names. It is also called the western dogwood, redstem dogwood, red willow, redtwig dogwood, creek dogwood, American dogwood, or red-rood. However, by any name, this is a beautiful majestic tree that adds color to any landscape, especially in the fall. 

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