Tranquility In The Garden

 It doesn't take much time and effort to build your own Garden of Tranquility. All you need is a a few fern plants, wildflowers of

different varities,some nice flowering shrubs and beautiful green grasses. For a larger size garden, one would need about

a hundred or so fern of each variety, natural grasses, and a large variety of different kinds of wildflowers.



Avid gardner's opt for a selection wildflowers that bloom at different times of the year. This brings lasting beauty all through spring,

summer, and fall. The fern and grasses are wonderful fillers for the flowers. One would probably need at least a hundred o

several varities to achieve a beautiful garden.


A timber shaded garden with a walkway and a bench in the center would be truly a Garden of

Tranquility. How peaceful to sit among the flowers, fern, and grasses. This would be an excellent escape

from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. One could create such a tranquil place at home with very

little cost.


Buy bare root plant also to save money. They are priced mucg less than containerized plants. So why pay

for a pot and dirt when you can purchase the same plant bareroot for a fraction of the cost?