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Trees For New York

Trees For New York

Due to a large majority of our customer database being from New York, we have decided to make shopping for trees even easier through our website!  Our hope is that you can spend less time looking at trees that are not suitable for your location and more time at ones that are.  There are several different types of trees for any type of landscaping need.  You will be sure to find the right one for you below.  Included in this list is several different types of maples, oaks, dogwoods and many more.  Most of these trees thrive best when they are planted in full sunlight.  There is also a wide variety of different colors of bloom and foliage.  We hope we have made shopping with us even easier and look forward to your business. 

Trees for New York

Although the sugar maple is the state tree of New York, there are a vast variety of trees suitable for growing in the area. The state falls in the six to seven hardy zone, and there are many varieties of native, deciduous, coniferous, and fruit trees that are perfect for growing in this zone. 


There is a wide range of native trees in New York. These include the flowering dogwood, Canadian serviceberry, common pawpaw, and redbud for those looking to enhance their property with flowering trees. These trees can range from twenty to forty feet in height and provide a majestic display of pink, white, and purple flowers. Other trees native to the area are the red maple, northern red oak, quaking aspen, and beech tree. These trees provide cool shade during the Summer, and a colorful display of fall leaves in the Autumn. 


Growing fruit trees in New York state is more natural than it may seem. There are thousands of varieties of apples, pears, and plums. Cortland, red and golden delicious is an excellent choice for apple lovers. The purple Stanley plum is one of the best cold hardy plums and is ideal for growing in upstate New York. There are even some varieties of peaches, nectarines, and cherry trees that can be grown in the state. 


Evergreen trees are ideal for use when privacy is the desired outcome. They can be used as living fences, screens, and windbreaks. There are so many varieties of evergreen species to choose from. The arborvitae species is a great place to start. 



While many favorite city trees are commonly found lining the streets, these are not the only trees that can be grown throughout the state. With such a vast selection of native, fruit, flowering, and privacy trees in either coniferous or deciduous form, there is sure to be the perfect tree to suit just about anyone.

Trees For New York