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    Tulip Poplar Tree

    Posted by Elliot Wilson on Jan 28, 2022

    Such an amazing yellow tree that stands in a yard during fall. A must have even just in small garden area.

  • 5

    Posted by Knight on Dec 25, 2020

    I have beautiful yellow blooms in the spring and they are very fast growing 100% satisfied with my tree

  • 5
    Tulip Poplar Tree

    Posted by Cindy Hawk on Aug 29, 2019

    This is a wonderful addition to our yard. Looks great where I planted it.

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Tulip Poplar Tree is a Fast-Growing Deciduous Tree

Tulip Poplar Tree or Liriodendron Tulipifera is commonly known as the Yellow Poplar tree and is the tallest hardwood species in North America. It is a very fast-growing species, but unlike other fast-growing trees, the Tulip Polar does not suffer from weak wood or a short lifespan.

The average leaves on this beautiful Tree are 5-6 inches long and are heart or slightly wedge-shaped.

Tulip Poplar Tree is a Flowering Ornamental Tree

As they bud in the spring, they are light green, but they are a brilliant green by the summer months. In fall, they turn a crisp, bright yellow. During the summer months, tulip-shaped flowers bloom, measuring approximately 1-2 inches.

These beautiful flowers have six yellowish-green petals with an orange flare at the base. This graceful Tree has played a significant part in history as well. George Washington planted numerous Tulip Poplar trees at Mount Vernon, and they now stand approximately 140 feet tall. Thomas Jefferson described the Tulip Poplar tree as "the Juno of our Groves" when he spoke of the trees he had just planted at Monticello.

This Tree is also treasured in European gardens and parks.

It is a great fall tree. This Tree turns a lovely yellow coloration in the fall and can accent trees like the maple that becomes red color. This plant also is a great shade tree. This plant can grow in both full sunlight and partial shade and adapt to many soil types. When it is fully developed, it can reach 70 ft. high. This fast-growing Tree can grow six ft. every year in the best conditions. This plant attracts many types of birds.

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The state tree of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana is named for its aromatic orange and yellow flowers, which resemble tulips; These nectar-scented flowers, which bloom during the spring, are perfect for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

In the fall, the Tulip Poplar's leaves turn a brilliant shade of yellow, adding a beautiful splash of color to any yard and making for excellent curb appeal. These trees increase, transplant well, and can thrive just about anywhere. Tulip poplar also provides a great deal of shade during the summer months. Beauty, fragrance, versatility, and resistance to disease make the Tulip Poplar a solid choice for any yard.

This Tree is an Excellent Shade Tree with Beauty, Fragrance, Versatility, and Disease Resistance, making it a Popular Choice for any Yard.


The winter buds of the tulip tree are a dark crimson color, making it very lovely and compelling against the white snow. The leaves are rather large and measure about 5 or 6 inches in length and width. This type of train is better than many trees at succeeding despite the drought, the wind, and pests, making it easier to grow, and it is less likely that the Tree will just suddenly and inexplicably die.

This Tree is a great tree to add to a landscape. These trees will grow relatively fast and grow up to 6 feet each year. It will do great in full and partial sunlight and adjust to soil conditions. Tulip Poplar can attract small wildlife and birds to a lawn or landscape. Grown well, these trees look fantastic in the yard. This Tree has a gorgeous bloom or flower that looks like a tulip. It is medium in size and often light green with an orange center.

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