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How Ground Cover Vines Are Beneficial In Landscaping


Ground cover vines can be beneficial in landscaping for the following reasons:

- Moisture retention
- Weed prevention
- Soil erosion control
- Creating natural beauty

Vines Are Perfect For Soil Erosion, Weed Control and Overall Beauty

Rather than using mulch or gravel as a ground cover, which causes a stark appearance, vines, and creeping plants add more of anaesthetic, creating beauty and interest in the landscape theme. Different heights, colors and seasons for blooming can all create variety in your landscape. Ground cover plants and vines tend to be easy to care for and may only need some simple trimming on occasion.

Ground cover plants are also a suitable replacement for grass as they reduce maintenance such as lawn mowing and fertilizing, as well as the need for watering in dry areas during the summer. Ground cover plants come in many different varieties and can be used in shaded areas, sloped areas and hard to reach areas for watering. Tall mixtures can be used on property lines or areas where you want to screen viewing. Low growing ground covers can be used in the front of the house or near walkways.


Vines Are Easy To Plant & Low Maintenance


Another great use for ground cover plants is beneath towering trees. Typically grass won't grow beneath huge trees, and protruding roots may be unsightly. Ground cover plants like vinca will quickly grow in these shaded areas and disguise the roots.

Hot sunny areas can benefit from healthy ground cover plants that conserve moisture, like creeping veronica and potentilla. These plants will crowd out weeds and reduce maintenance for naturally drier areas.

On slopes, ground cover plants can help control erosion. The more plants on a sloped area, the better. Not only do they hold the soil in place with their roots, but they can help absorb heavy rains and reduce the amount of water runoff.

Taller ground cover plants can climb trellises and fences to add privacy or make an entertaining diversion with their flowers and leaves.