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Water Tupelo Live Stakes

Water Tupelo Live Stakes

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Water Tupelo Live Stakes are great trees to help keep the honey bee healthy 

The water tupelo is the type of tall tree you would find in swampy areas.

The trunk of the tree spreads out and looks like many webbed fingers sprouting out of the bottom of the trunk. The water tupelo loves water. The trees can grow up to 100 feet in height, and the base can grow up from four feet to 10 to 12 feet in diameter. You usually find a whole bunch of water tupelo trees together in a swampy area.

The trees love a rich wet and watery place to grow. They are ideal for ponds and extremely damp soil.

The scientific term for the water tupelo tree is Nyssa aquatica. You may find this helpful when looking up information about the tree on different websites. The water tupelo has the broad base, and then the trunk narrows and goes up for a while until it hits the spread of the branches. The branches spread wide providing ample shade to swampy areas or wherever you decide to plant the tree. The leaves are shiny and large. The leaves are also oblong and smooth. The leaves have a dark green color until the fall come. In the fall the leaves turn to a yellow color. The leaves bloom from April and May. The tree bears fruit. The fruit looks a bit like a kalamata olive. It is small and long. The fruit turns black when it ripens. Honey Bees love water tupelo trees. So to plant these is a great help in keeping the honey bee population healthy and thriving.


You can easily find the water tupelo trees growing in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Northern Florida. Water Tupelo also can be grown in the following states AR, DC, GA, IL, KY MO, NC, SC, TN, TX, and VA. Floodplain forest.

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