Ways To Keep Salt Out

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 31, 2016

Ways to Keep Salt Out of your Garden

Salt can do great harm to your garden. It can drain away excess moisture and affect plant growth as a whole. Using artificial chemicals and generic soil are all things that will contribute to salt build up in your soil. Soil deposits can also build up from adding fertilizer. Both organic and inorganic fertilizers contain salt levels which will accumulate on your soil bed over time.

Flushing out your soil bed or adding more plant nutrients to your soil will be a great help in washing out salt from your garden. Depending on the type of plant and how much fertilizer you use, your garden may require a flushing out of salt deposits every so often. Check without local nursery representative to when you should flush your soil bed at the right time.

In order to prevent salt form building over time, try to use organic elements in your soil as much as possible. Check the ingredients on any fertilizer or compost you buy and see the amount of salt that is contained in the packaging. The best way to cut down on any soil build up is to make ingredients yourself. Fertilizer, compost and mulch are all things that you can make on your own. To make compost, gather up brown materials in the form of newspaper or fall leaves. Green leaves calls for softer materials in the form of grass or bush clippings. You can mix these items together and make sure they are done so in layers and in an even manner. This will allow the aeration process to take place.

You can do the same with fertilizer. Be careful with fertilizer, however, since both organic and inorganic fertilizer contains salt as well. This is why fertilizer is usually added once a year, depending on the type of plant. To add a direct source of nutrition for your plants, then adding humus or compost are better alternatives than using fertilizer as a main source.

The best way to keep salt out of your garden is to wash away the soil with a hose and then add more soil that is rich in nutrients. The best possible way to cut down on salt levels in your garden is to use natural methods whenever planting. Use organic ingredients in all facets of gardening. Inorganic methods have a higher chance of containing sodium levels. Having to flush out your garden of salt deposits can be a nuisance so always check packaging labels for sodium levels.