White Ash Tree

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White Ash- Fraxinus Americana Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Mature Height- 50 to 80 feet Mature Width- 40-50 feet Bloom Season- late March- mid April Sun or Shade- direct sunlight
Price Per 100 Plants (required)
Ships In Fall (Near End of October)

White Ash Tree Ships In Sizes 1-3' In Height

Found throughout much of North America, white ash (Fraxinus americana) is a beautiful hardwood variety that makes the perfect addition to any landscape. Also known as Biltmore ash, it's prized for its exceptional strength and adaptability. It's so strong, in fact, that white ash wood is used to make baseball bats.

Appearance and Characteristics

Though its name would suggest otherwise, neither the bark nor leaves of the white ash tree are white. Rather, it features light gray bark with short-stemmed green leaves. The underside of its leaves, however, feature a pale blue-gray color that many homeowners find aesthetically pleasing.

Like other ash trees, the leaves of a white ash will change color during autumn. They typically transition to orange, red, purple and yellow before dropping to the ground.

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