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Aquarium wood

Aquarium Wood 12-14"

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Aquarium Wood 12-14"

Aquarium wood adds sophistication to an aquarium. There are multiple varieties of Aquarium wood. However, not just any wood will be sufficient to use in an aquarium. This wood must be cured and submersible to allow for a safe environment for fish. There are multiple types of Aquarium wood, with some of the most popular varieties being Manzanita, Mesquite, and Azalea. Manzanita is known for its resilient nature and unique shape. The size of these can vary, making this choice appropriate for tanks of many sizes. Mesquite is often harvested in large pieces; therefore, it can be useful for larger aquariums. Due to its intricate design, Mesquite is one of the most popular aquarium woods. Azalea, another wood with intricate design, is most famous for smaller tanks. It is essential to choose those with thicker branches, as this will allow the wood to last longer in the aquarium. When selecting Aquarium wood, it is important to note if it has been cured or not.

Aquarium Wood 12-14" comes from riverbeds and lakes will not have to undergo the curing process. Many times, purchasers will have to complete the curing process of wood from other areas to ensure the safety of their aquariums. To cure Aquarium wood, the wood must be cleaned with a soft brush and water. It is essential to avoid the use of cleaners, as this will be released later into the aquarium. To cure, place the wood in a large container of water for 1 to 2 weeks, changing the water every couple of days, allowing the tannins to be released before placement in the aquarium. Afterward, the Aquarium wood is ready to be placed in the tank. Aquarium wood should be placed one-third of the distance to either side of the tank wall and should be secured tightly around the base with rocks and stones.

Aquarium Wood is a fantastic piece to add to terrariums and also aquariums.

They provide a beautiful natural look when placed inside of these and even supplies an excellent place for aquatic animals to seek protection in aquariums. When placed inside of a terrarium it works great to provide somewhere for lizards and snakes to crawl. They feel like they are in their environments especially when there are plants added to them. These pieces can be found at this excellent online nursery, and most of them range from twelve to fourteen inches long. They are carefully shipped to the customer and are ready to use when they are received. These beautiful pieces of aquarium wood come in all different shapes and sizes and also varies in coloration. Some can be dark and light brown as other can be a light tan. These are pieces of wood that have been found in bodies of water and are very hard in texture. Sizes may vary. 

Aquarium Wood 12-14"


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