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Arrow Head Plant

Arrow Head Plant

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Latin Name- Sagittaria Latifolia Hardy Zone- 5-10 Mature Height- 1-4ft Width- 60cm-2ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Arrow Head Plant is very easy to manage.

Arrow Head Plant spreads easily so if you are looking to cover them through your garden they will fill it up. To prevent spreading place them in containers. The Arrowhead can be found in ponds, lakes, and streams. Wildlife finds a meal with this plant as many animals eat it in the wild. Many Indians used to use this plant for medicinal purposes. The Arrowhead plants do require sunlight. They grow in zones 3-11. The Arrowhead can become to be 3 ft. Tall and 3 ft. in width. This is a plant that bears white flowers and is very attractive. The scientific name for the Arrowhead is the Sagittaria family which contains 20 species.

Buy this plant from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. You need to plant these around your ponds and lakes. Arrow Head Plants are lovely water plants and are also a perennial so that they will grow back year after year. These plants also love to be around water, and they will produce great in moist soil conditions. This plant will add a very natural look to your water garden and will look lovely as it begins to grow. This plant will also produce a beautiful bloom and will have a pleasant sweet fragrance to it.

When planning your outdoor space, arboretum or pond; the arrowhead plant should be a top consideration.

Also, know as American evergreen and five fingers, the arrowhead plant at early stages has leaves resembling the shape of an arrowhead and at maturity can have three to five finger-like sections. The arrowhead plant can be maintained in a lush, bushy type configuration ideal for spot greenery or they can be allowed to mature and become a climbing vine which can make a beautiful trellis or tropical landscape for your favorite area. With its variety of colors and large fleshy leaves, the arrowhead is the perfect choice to add that calming tropical feel to your home. 

Arrow Head Plant





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