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Beebalm Plant

Beebalm Plant

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Monarda Didyma USDA Climate Zone: 5 -11 Height: 1 to 3 ft Canopy Spread:1 ft Sun: partial shade

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Beebalm perennials make a gorgeous addition to any flower garden.

The Beebalm Plant (Monarda didyma) plant is a North American perennial plant that does well in woodland areas. Beebalm Plant is a genus of flowering plants in the mint family Lamiaceae. The standard plant names include bee balm, Oswego tea, bergamot, and horsemint. Monarda plants do well in the sun and well-drained moist soil. Beebalm Plants that are grown in partial shade produce fewer flowers and spread horizontally. A mature Beebalm Plant is 24 to 48 inches high and 12 inches wide. Monard didyma plant does well in fertile and moist soil with a pH range of 6.5. The plant is known to grow best in the hardiness zones 4 to 9. The plant has a flower that is open and is shaped like a daisy with tube-shaped petals in the gloom of purple, white, red and pink. There are fifteen kinds and over fifty different cultivars of the Beebalm Plant that are grown in gardens while some are found in the wild. Their plants flowering period is from July to August.

Beebalm Plant that is inherent to North America got its botanical name form a Spanish physician in the 16th century, Nicholas Mendez. He was the first to discover and define the plant. Early American settler called it Oswego tea since the Oswego Indians were using it. Currently, Bergamot is also referred to as Scarlet bee balm.

The Beebalm Plant are vigorous plants. The bee plant has various medicinal and gastronomic uses including;

• The plants are used as food; the leaves are boiled for tea, chewed raw, used as a seasoning and dried.

• The plant also has medicinal purposes; the oils from the leaves are used to treat respiratory illnesses, stomach aches, insomnia, nosebleeds, colds and fever among many other diseases.

• Beebalm Plant is also preferred by all pollinators including, bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

• Beebalm Plant contains high concentrates of thymol which is a potent antiseptic found in mouthwash.

 The flowers that are on the Beebalm plant are just brilliant.

They bloom in late summer and add the right touch of color to herb gardens and flower borders. The flowers can be in a variety of colors, the range of pink, red, and white. The brightly colored flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other nectar seeking insects. They grow well in wet soil, and they will thrive in a waterway. One great thing about the Beebalm perennial is that they are somewhat easy to care for and require little to no maintenance. 

Beebalm Plant

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