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Big Bluestem is perfect for growing hedges for your home or business.

Big Bluestem

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Latin Name- Andiopogon Gerardii Hardy Zone-5-9 Mature Height-6ft Width-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

Big Bluestem (or Andropogen radii) is a 3 to 10-foot tall grass that grows every year for years on end

It’s height depending on the moistness of the soil with the more moisture resulting in a higher elevation. It changes colors every few months but is typically maroon-tan, gray, green-red, bronze-lavender, or blue-green. It usually grows in the warmer seasons from late April until between August and October.

Big Bluestem spikes are described as a turkey's foot

The blades are bordered by leaves that begin large at the top where several of the large come together to form what looks like three spikes at the end of the blade. These three spikes splay out into what has been described as a turkey’s foot. These “spikes” grow on the grass in about late summer and grow up to 12 inches in length.

Big Bluestem is the favored grass of cattle

Not all of the leaves are this long. The following leaves get smaller as they go down. The formation of the sheets is also different. After the “spike” at the top, the succeeding leaves form V’s along the blade. It is the tallest of the four native grass species and is the favored grass of cattle. You will also see Big Bluestem referred to as Turkey Feet Grass or Beard Grass.


Image result for big bluestem grass   Image result for big bluestem grass   Image result for big bluestem grass

This grassy plant is the perfect hedge plant. This plant is ideal for growing hedges for your home or business. The grasses foliage is thick and green. Instead of buying an expensive fence this cheaper plant is what you should use. 

Big Bluestem


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