Black Cohosh

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    Black Cohosh

    Posted by Greta Smith on 29th Aug 2019

    This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

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    Black Cohosh

    Posted by Isaiah Stark on 27th Aug 2019

    The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

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    Posted by Ashley Thompson on 15th Aug 2019

    Fast shipping

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    Fast Shipping

    Posted by Austin Dyer on 5th Mar 2018

    I got them a day sooner then I was expected to get them which was great for me I couldn't wait to get these plant and now then look amazing as the picture.

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We ship all plants usps priority mail. They arrive to most locations within 2-3 days. We package all plants to retain moisture to up to 10 days in transit. All plants ships from our warehouses in Tennessee. All plants are grown and shipped from out Altamont (zip) 37301 location. We do drop ship for re-sellers also for those wanting to resell our plants.

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All plants are dug and immediately taken to our warehouse and tera-sorb moisture retention gel is applied to the roots and then wrapped in plastic to retain superior moisture for transit. They are placed in corogated cardboard shipping boxes for protection when shipped

Upon Receipt Of Your Plants

Upon receipt of your plants, unpack and unwrap the roots and mist with water. Plant within 24-48 hours. If you can not plant within this time frame, put your plants in a cool location (ex- basement, garage or cellar) and water the roots daily. Cover them back up with the plastic so they will not dry out until you can plant them. After planted, water every evening after the sun goes down for 5 days.


Black Cohosh a Hardy, Herbaceous Perennial

This plant is grown from a rhizome or tuber, rather than seeds or bulbs. It will display a beautiful white bloom in spring and early summer months, which have a spiked appearance. The blooms on this plant are made up of many smaller flowers. The leaves are light, delicate green color and the stems for the flowers are quite long and healthy enough to hold the beautiful blooms. The plant requires little care and will be very easy to maintain.

Black Cohosh is a Great Garden Addition to Provide Decoration

The plant grows to about 2 feet in height and has left of a distinct shape. The leaves are green and come in a pointed oval shape. Therefore this provides a beautiful plant to see. The plant is usually found in forests and gardens and often likes to grow in these environments. This plant usually benefits the most by increasing in areas that have adequate rainfall, sunlight and quality soil. As far as landscaping for the plant, it can be used in some ways. The plant can be a great addition to any garden along with providing a beautiful decoration for a properties front yard as well.

Black Cohosh is a hardy, herbaceous perennial which reaches about eight feet in height with a two-foot spread at maturity

Black Cohosh can grow 18 to 22 inches per month during the growing season. The plant has large leaves with irregularly toothed edges and tall plumes of cream to white flowers on wand-like stalks reaching six to eight feet at maturity. The flowers bloom from May through July with seeds developing from August through October. The easiest way to grow Black Cohosh from seed is to harvest them in the fall, then sow them in the ground immediately. When the plant starts to die back, the roots are collected, cleaned, and dried.

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