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Black Willow Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Black Willow/Salix nigra Hardy Planting Zones- Zones 2-8 Mature Height- 30-60 feet Mature Width- 15-25 feet Bloom Season- March and April Sun or Shade- Full sun

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Black Willow Live Stakes, Salix Nigra

When it comes to trees, the Black willow is one that will require some time and effort to maintain. However, it is one of the more durable trees around. Its pointed green leaves distinguish the tree. However, it comes in some different sizes. The size of this tree can range from 7 feet to 25 feet tall. This tree is best in hardy zones 3 through 9. As long as you have quality soil, adequate sunlight as well as feeding and watering it regularly, it will be just beautiful. Due to its size, you will need to grow the tree outdoors in grass fields and large yards. The scientific name for this unique tree is Salix nigra.

The Black Willow Live Stakes is sometimes referred to as Salix nigra, swamp willow, or weeping willow. The black willow tree is the most abundant willow species in the world. The tree is usually found near wetlands in eastern parts of the United States. The average tree grows at the height of 50 to 65 feet tall. Off of a single trunk are multiple stems. Black Willow Live Stakes often leans as the tree grows. The slightly curved green leaves are lanced shaped and grow about 6 inches. The trees bloom dangling catskins with tiny flowers that do not have petals. The bark of the tree is dark brown, black, or gray. Growing this tree is as comfortable as breaking off a branch and planting it in the ground near water. The tree grows better in the sun but can improve in shady areas. Though the tree matures in thirty years, the species is known for having a short life expectancy. The wood has no odor or taste and has been used as a tonic to cleanse the blood. Many things are made from this tree because the wood is light and flexible. Some furniture parts and artificial limbs are made from this tree.


Often used as lumber for shipping boxes, the Black Willow tree, or Salix Nigra to give the tree its Latin name has become a favorite tree for those looking to put large pieces of land to good use in a bid to make a profit on their property. One of the most impressive aspects of the Black Willow is the broad range of hardiness zones the tree can be planted within across the U.S.; classed as native to eastern North America, the Black Willow can be found from Southern Ontario through regions of Florida and Texas. The Black Willow is known as a medium sized tree that can grow to a range of sizes from just over 30 feet to around 100 feet; alternating leaf sizes and shapes add interest in the form of long and thin to short and broad leaves.

There is a range of uses for the Black Willow tree that make it a popular choice for landscaping experts and gardeners from across the U.S. who are looking to use these trees for a variety of reasons. Although a medium-sized tree the Black Willow can produce a significant amount of shade despite the fact it has a beautiful texture that does create an ornamental style enjoyed by many with both large and medium-sized gardens where Fall leaves turn a stunning yellow. The tolerance to water of the Black Willow has added to the number of possible uses of this deciduous tree that produces small yellow flowers each spring as new leaf growth begins; in swamp conditions the Black Willow has become a popular option for those landscape professionals looking into the reconstruction of different areas of swampland that can encourage the return of bees, elk, and deer to native regions.

It will look great around any home. This tree will thrive in moist and poorly drained soil conditions. It can grow just about anywhere. The Black Willow can stand out among others because of its massive height and width. They require little maintenance and are easy to take care of. Black Willow Live Stakes


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