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Blue Ridge Blueberry

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Blue Ridge Blueberry plants are edible plants to grow in your yard. Our commercial fruit plants are shipped fast too.
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Blue Ridge Blueberry - Vaccinium pallidum

Blue Ridge Blueberry (hillside blueberry, late lowbush blueberry, and fresh lowbush blueberry) is one of the many varieties of blueberry plant that are cultivated and grown all over the world. Blue Ridge Blueberry, like all blueberry varieties, is a perennial flowering shrub (or subshrub). This particular variant is native to central Canada and central and eastern United States. It is deciduous. The stems are greenish brown to dark red for bark color, and leaf arrangement can be variable. Most of the time leaves are oval and measure approximately 2.5” long. Leaf color can vary from yellowish to deep blueish, but all leaves turn vibrant red in autumn and maintain that color through the winter. The flower is usually bell or urn-shaped, but can also be cylindrical. They start out white or white with light pink hue and turn to whitish-green as the season progresses. Some plants may have a variant of flower color which is greenish white with pink striping. The fruit of the shrub is typical for blueberries with a medium to dark blue color or shiny blue-black. Pollination is via bumblebees. The is a very hardy shrub that can tolerate almost every temperate zone in a humid environment for best results. It makes an excellent choice for smaller gardens with its beautiful flowers. The fresh blueberries that can be picked are not only an excellent bonus for you but also an attractant for birds and deer. It can grow on sandy and gravelly soils, heavy clay, and dry, rocky soils. Pruning is not necessary but can help to encourage more fruit and flower generation in the next growing season. Blue Ridge Blueberry is a much faster-growing shrub than other varieties of a blueberry plant which makes it great for shorter growing seasons.