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Bog Blueberry (Vaccinium Uliginosum) for Sale

Bog Blueberry

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Botanical Name: Vaccinium uliginosum L. Family: Ericaceae – Hardy Zones 3-9

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The Bog Blueberry Bush grows well in swampy areas and moist conditions.

The bog blueberry bush does not have any significant pests. So it will look super good and not have any holes in it. This plant reproduces and at a medium pace. This plant is excellent for pies and cobblers. This is a perennial shrub that blooms in the spring and summer months. This has green foliage, and it has purple flowers. This thrives in the early summer months, and it has fruits or seeds to go with it. This has fruits and seed production, and this happens in the summer months, and it continues until the summer ends. This is a tree that has a moderate life span, and when it reaches the maturity level, it will reach up to two feet.

Bog Blueberry can be found in nurseries, garden stores, or the other plant dealers.

This is a plant that cannot survive the temperatures, and this is a plant that has a low tolerance to drought. This plant has moderate growth to it, and it blooms in the early summer months.

Bush Height - 2 feet
Bush Width - 3 feet
Soil Type - Sandy
Sun - Full Sun

The Bog Blueberry Bush is referred to as a shrub. It grows in the Spring and Summer seasons. The bush has dark green leaves with small purple flowers. It also contains small blue seedy fruit. The best time for the forest to grow is early summer and will continue growing until late summer. It grows at a medium rate and can get up to two feet high. The bush needs water to grow and does not do very well when grown in the desert or low water conditions. If planted in the Spring the flowers will bloom white, and later at the beginning of summer turn into little blueberries. The berries can be eaten and can be used to make jelly, jam, or pies. This bush offers excellent color and edible fruit.

Bog Blueberry



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