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Boysenberry Bush is a lovely plant. The wait for the slow-growing time is worth it. It will thrive in any soil conditions your landscape may have.

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If you would like to grow a perennial plant that is beautiful, grows delicious fruit and doesn’t take up much space, the Boysenberry Bush may be just the plant for you! It is an easy-to-grow plant in any soil but does best in fertile, sandy soil. It requires full sun or partial shade and water as needed. The bushes can be planted by a fence, along with a wall, in your garden or look very nice planted on trellises where they can spread out and climb.

In the spring, beautiful white flowers blossom that eventually turn into pink berries.

You will know when they are ripe when the berries then turn into a blue-violet color. Depending on where you live, in Zones 5-9, the harvest times are from July to August. When ripe, they need to be picked quickly because they lose their flavor the longer you wait. They produce berries during the second year after planting. Boysenberries have a sweet, delectable taste. For a healthy snack, you and your family can pick and eat them right off the bushes. If you or someone in your family loves to cook and bake, the boysenberries can be made into some “yummy” cakes or pies, or if you would prefer to make jams and jellies, boysenberries are high for those too.

If you’re more into wildlife and the nature aspect, the berries attract squirrels, chipmunks and many types of birds that all love the taste of the berries, if you don’t mind not getting to enjoy them yourself!

Boysenberry bushes need to be pruned at the end of each year for best growth. They are self-pollinating, so you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the plants year after year, as well as enjoy the delicious taste of the berries.

You can order your boysenberry plants and have them delivered to your door or pick some up at your garden center!




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