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Broom Sedge looks great planted around a pond, lake or stream and loves water.

Broom Sedge

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Latin Name- Carex Bromoides Hardy Zone- 2-10 Mature Height- 1-2ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

Broom Sedge is a meadow grass

Broom Sedge, (Andropogon Virginicus), also known as poverty grass, is a clump-forming perennial that grows 3’-6’ tall. It is a meadow grass that is primarily native to the North Eastern part of North America. Broomsedge used to be dried and used as brooms in households that were less prosperous in rural times.

For Broom Sedge to grow, it has to have full sun, with dry conditions, and barren soil, (clay, sand, gravel, or rocky material), although partial shade is ok. It has a C4 metabolism, which enables it to withstand hot and dry conditions. It grows best in dry fields, thin woods, and high shores of ponds.

Broom Sedge is excellent for wildlife, as it works as a cover for small wildlife, and as nesting material for many types of wildlife

The seeds are great food for birds, and the whole plant is excellent for grazing deer. Plus, the tall grass works as a windbreaker for livestock, and wild animals. Broom Sedge also aides in the control of erosion. Broom Sedge grows in clumps and has dense, erect tufts of flowering clusters. The plant has erect, ascending leaf blades that are 3”-12” long, and that is 2-7mm across. The leaves are folded in the shoot and are without auricles.

Broom Sedge is a very aesthetically pleasing plant

It does most of its growth from early summer through early fall. During this time the grass has a reddish-orange hue. As the blades are coming out, they are lights to medium green. When the grass is more dormant, it turns into a tawny brown color. In the winter, the seeds have fine little hairs that catch the sunlight and are evenly distributed along the stems. If you have Broom Sedge, you will see many birds, butterflies, and bumblebees. Broom Sedge is like no other; it had small green leaves that can be sharp and pointed if rubbed up against. This plant looks excellent planted around a pond, lake or stream and loves water. The Broom Sedge flows in the wind. The roots are shallow and grow in clusters or clumps and enjoy moist, wet soil.

Broom Sedge


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