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Burning Bush Shrub

Burning Bush Shrub

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Climate zone: 5-7, Mature height: 3-9 ft, Sunlight: prefers full sun to partial shade, Blooming season: June-July, Soil conditions: prefers moist, well-drained soil, Botanical name: Euonymous Alatus, Ship as: Bareroot

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Burning Bush shrub is best known for their fiery red color.

This dense deciduous bush has a rounded and horizontal, flat-topped branch growth pattern. Its foliage is so thick that you can barely see the non-ornamental flowers that come in the spring or the small red or orange non-edible fruit that develop late summer, which isn’t a drawback because the leaves are what this plant is all about. They are a deep green before fall, are one to three inches long, elliptically shaped (coming to an excellent point), and finely toothed. They are clustered together at the end of the branches and droop in a lovely manner. In the fall the burning bush turns a vibrant red; if they are planted in a sunny environment and a more muted red, or pink if they are in a shady area. Burning bushes make great colorful borders, ornamental hedges, privacy screens, and center points for landscaping. The mature shrubs grow between five and fifteen feet with the width about the same as the height. (There are a few varieties of dwarf or compact bushes that grow between one and three feet). Not only are they a perfect backdrop for other spring and summer perennials, but they will also be in full color when those have faded. Adaptable to many soil types and a hardy plant with low maintenance, they are also drought resistant. They flourish in zones four through eight and do well in full sun or full shade. Because they are a slower growing bush, they require very little pruning. These colorful, hardy shrubs are easily transplanted and very tolerant. The Burning Bush is a very versatile addition to any landscape, can be used in a variety of ways, and in different soil and sun types are making it an excellent choice for gardeners everywhere.

Burning Bush Shrubs - The Ideal Hedge

To enhance the vivid color of Burning Bush Shrubs, plant rows of them under windows, at fence lines or as natural fences at the edge of property lines. Since these plants can be trimmed, they can also be shaped into elegant designs. Certain varieties of Burning Bush Shrubs have been cultivated to provide lush green foliage in the summer, fiery red leaves in autumn and red berries in winter. Some types of Burning Bush plants have small, prickly thorns. The thorns make great protection from burglaries when planted under windows. These plants require very little care. However, as with most hedge plants, don't over-water or the roots of these plants begin to soften and rot. In arid areas, keep the soil moist to the touch for best results. More Ideas to Set a Landscape "Aflame"

Burning Bush plants can also be planted between evergreen trees.

Wherever a little color is needed to break up the monotony of healthy green foliage, rely on Burning Bush Shrubs to add just the right touch. Allow them to grow into their natural shape, and they soon sprout into mounds of bright red that creates excellent curb appeal. Plant them as border hedges with taller plants or use them to accent bare corners of the landscape. Turn a bleak winter landscape into brilliant scarlet. When the snowflakes fall, the landscape looks amazing. To add interest to Burning Bush Shrubbery, curve the hedge about five feet from the end of the last plant on either end. This creates an enclosure that will keep out unwanted pests like squirrels from access to the property. A Burning Bush hedge is also an excellent way to keep family pets inside the property lines due to the density of the hedge.

 Burning Bush Shrub

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