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California Privet is a hardy evergreen variety that is often mass-planted to fashion a hedge plant for privacy or security.

California Privet

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Latin Name- Ligustrum Ovalifolium Hardy Planting Zone- 5-8 Mature Height- 10-15 ft Width- 3-5 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

California Privet is a hardy evergreen variety that is often mass-planted to fashion a hedge plant for privacy or security

This shrub features thick branches and small leaves which can be grown to make a fantastic privacy border. The Privet Shrub is considered invasive in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. The Privet Shrub does have a small flowering season, and produces clusters of tiny white flowers. The berries these flowers yield are toxic to humans but will attract birds and other wildlife.

California Privet is a strong selection for private and public landscaping

As a hedge plant, its benefits are enormous. There is no better way to give the boundaries of your home some privacy and comfort than with the aid of Amur Privet. Hedges of gardens adorned with Amur Privet are irresistible; in fact, their beauty is overwhelmingly appealing. No matter the quality of paint you apply on your concrete fence, it is nowhere near the natural green attraction that this hedge plant emits.

California Privet is a very hardy and low maintenance shrub

For someone who adores nature and frown at its extinction, having this shrub over your fence speaks volume of what you preach, support and stand.

 California Privet


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