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  • Chestnut Oak Seedling

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    Chestnut Oak Seedlings

    Posted by Jeremy on Mar 30, 2022

    Seedlings arrived promptly and were extremely healthy. I'm completely satisfied all the way around with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. I will be buying from them again in the future.

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    Chestnut Oak Seedlings

    Posted by Teri Myers on Aug 30, 2019

    These look great where I planted them.

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Chestnut Oak Seedlings are a Species of the White Oak Group

It is from the United States and is located on the eastern side of the states. It is also sometimes called "rock oak" because of montane and other rocky habitats. Its color that is dark gray-brown, readily identifies the chestnut oak. Chestnut Oak Seedlings are giant trees and are the thickest of any eastern North American hardwood.

The Bark distinguishes Chestnut Oak Seedlings

The leaves are 4 inches long and about 2 inches wide. They are pretty much the same as leaves that are on a swamp chestnut oak and chinkapin oak. Chestnut Oak Trees are distinguished by the bark only because the bark on chinkapin oak is light ash-gray and flakes off easily. The wood is reliable and durable and is used in the construction field and the fuel field. The bark on the trees was once used for the leather trade. The acorns are a vital source of food for various forms of wildlife. The acorns on the tree are noticeable, but not until the tree has reached age 20.

Mature: 70’-80'

Width: 60’-70’

Shape: Rounded

Growth: Medium

Sunlight: Full sun to partial sun

Soil: Very Moist

Botanical Name: Quercus prinus


Chestnut Oak Seedlings produce a small nut called the chestnut, which you can cook and eat in many different ways.

Chestnuts can be ground into a powder that can be used in bread and many herbal remedies. This tree has good nuts. These nuts are very weird looking on the outside. They are neon green and prickly, but on the inside, they are brown and shiny. 

Chestnut Oak Seedlings is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

Chestnut Oak Seedlings is a rapidly growing tree that will reach heights of 60’-70’. Chestnut Oak Seedlings is native to the Eastern United States from Maine down to Mississippi and over to Michigan and is winter hardy to zone 4. It needs dry, well-drained soil and can sometimes grow on steep, rocky areas. It needs to be grown in full sun. The tallest Chestnut Oak can be found in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and is over 144’ tall!

Chestnut Oak Seedlings Grow Very Tall, Perfect for Shade, and Make a Significant Barrier Against the Wind

 The chestnut-shaped leaves are four ¼” – 7 ½” long with 10-15 rounded lobes on each margin. 2”-3” long flowers will bloom in May. The bark is silvery-white and is the thickest bark of any North American Oaktree. It has broad ridges.

Inside the bark, you will find tannic, used for tanning. The acorn can grow by itself or in pairs and tastes sweet without boiling it before eating. It measures about 1”-1 ½” long and looks shiny—these massive trees are used as shade trees.

It is pretty popular since it grows very tall and makes a lovely addition to any landscape. It creates a significant barrier against the wind and is an excellent shade-providing tree. It produces dark green foliage in the spring and summer months, which turn to beautiful yellow leaves in the crisp fall months.

The Chestnut Oak is easy to maintain and attracts many different types of wildlife. The large acorns that it produces typically will drop from early November to early December. Chestnut Oak Seedlings is a smaller variety of oak. It will appreciate soils that are silt or clay-like in composition but can adapt to others. It will produce acorns that local wildlife will find tasty and will have a dark grey colored bark. It will have bright green foliage during the warmer months and transform into a red wine color for the fall season.

Chestnut Oak Seedlings is For Sale at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Fast Shipping and Low Rates



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