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Common Spike rush wildflowers can handle temperate to cold climate areas.

Common Spike Rush

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ELEOCHARIS ACICULARIS USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 8 Height: 1-2ft Sun: Full sun

Common Spike Rush is an aquatic plant suitable for wet soils, water ponds, and aquariums

Eleocharis Palustris, otherwise known as the "Common Spikerush," is a species of perennial wildflower in the Cyperaceae family. This flower family is incredibly extensive with over 5,500 known species. These flowers are native to European wetlands, North Africa, Northern and Central Asia, and North America. The common spike rush cannot be easily distinguished from its close relatives. Common Spike rush flowers are tall, triangular shoots of grass with intricate triangular cross-sections of leaves that spiral in three layers giving the illusion of a spike. Although these flowers are very versatile in their living environment, they are most commonly found in wetlands and swamps.

Common Spike Rush wildflowers can handle temperate to cold climate areas

Most common spike rush flowers are fairly short. However, there have been accounts of common spike rush to grow up to four-feet-tall. This breed of sawgrass does an essential job as its bottom half is submerged in water, it makes for a perfect breeding and living environment for invertebrates, which in turn, are a food source for fish. This particular breed also happens to be a hermaphrodite species, meaning that it has both male and female reproduction parts. Interestingly enough, the common spike rush also discharges an edible sap. Before the marvelous invention of pillow-topped mattresses and incredibly soft down feather pillows, people would stuff their beds with common spike rush stalks and other breeds of sawgrass. Although some individuals may say that this plant is a nuisance in most garden settings, this plant does have beneficial uses for gardens. As mentioned before, their aquatic habitats draw in fish. Therefore, this would be a lovely addition to a fishing pond or lake. They require minimal maintenance and can be found in just about any road ditch in North America.

Common Spike Rush can make a bold statement about your pond or lake

This plant can also be planted around a water garden for a bold statement. It loves moist, wet soil and can grow in soggy, bogs or around wetland areas. They are super thin elongated spikes that grow in bunches or clumps. The spikes can fully grow underwater till they eventually submerge to the water surface, reaching up to four feet. This plant can be used as a beautiful accent for your aquarium and offers a fish habitat similar to that of a real pond. Each spike bears a ripe single-seeded fruit at the tip of their stems during late summer. The fruit may bear golden yellow and is nutritional for birds. These rushes are low maintenance and thrive with minimal effort from owners.

Common Spikerush



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