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Creeping Mint

Creeping Mint

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Meehania Cordata Climate Zone: 4 – 9 Mature Height: less than 12 inches Sun: Partial Shade


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Creeping Mint is a type of mint used as an ornamental in the garden and planters.

This kind of mint is botanically known as Meehania cordata and a sort of ground cover that will not overtake the garden. The plant gives off a minty odor that helps to keep some pests away from the garden. The plant gets blue or lavender tubular flowers about 1 inch in size. The mint plant flowers in May and June with the blossoms lasting for weeks. The leaves have a heart shape and are dark to medium green if healthy, but if unhealthy the leaves can become spotted with black or turn yellow. Black spotted leaves on the mint plant can mean it is getting too much water or the soil does not drain well. Since dusty mold can be a problem with this plant.

This mint grows well with little care, but once established needs no particular attention.

Though, with standard fertilizing during spring and summer, the mint will produce more flowers. This is an excellent plant for using as a sidewalk or driveway border alone or mixed with flowers. The mint is tolerant to drought and can be grown in areas that may have this issue. It is also a perfect plant for container gardening mixed with other flowers that are annuals or replanted yearly. The different place mint can be planted in rock gardens or areas in landscaping that other plants would not get the sun required or grow. If the plant gets a lot of suns, the soil should be kept moist for it to thrive. Creeping Mint is a great plant.

Creeping Mint


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