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Driftwood rustic piece

Driftwood Rustic Piece 10-12"

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Driftwood Rustic Piece 10-12"

If you are looking for an attractive, natural piece for your garden, driftwood rustic pieces may be the optimal option. For a smaller garden, the ten-twelve inch pieces of wood are ideal. Several pieces can be stacked together for a tapered look. Birds and squirrels love driftwood pieces. Adding these to your decorating style can attract wildlife that will enhance your natural experience.

Driftwood rustic pieces can add texture and a particular area for potted plants. These natural pieces add color and life to any garden. Tiny driftwood pieces can be added to fish tanks, as well.

Found in North America and many other locations, driftwood rustic pieces are easy to locate. Driftwood is usually found in areas that house water sources. Wooden remains from shipwrecks and cargo ships can result in driftwood pieces. Erosion and waves can occur in driftwood. It is unclear about driftwood's origins. Dunes can originate from the presence of driftwood.

When you are looking for your driftwood, it is important to see near bodies of water. Beaches are am an easy place to find driftwood. Swamps, riverbanks, and bays can also house driftwood.

Several variations of driftwood can include, standard driftwood, savanna root, and African driftwood. Standard driftwood is readily available and very economical. It is found in most of North America. Savanna driftwood is gnarled on one side. The other hand is smooth. This is also common driftwood. African driftwood is the most expensive of all of the woods. It is often hollowed out or ribbed. This type of driftwood is old and much darker in color.
If you are not so inclined to go scouting for your driftwood, it can be easily ordered online. Often driftwood includes quick shipping, so you can place your wood wherever your creativity dictates upon arrival.

Driftwood is a great way to spruce up flower gardens and also make unique small garden areas on a lawn in random places. These pieces vary in size, shape, and color as they are harvested from freshwater and also some come from saltwater conditions. This causes the coloring to be different and unique on all pieces. They are real pieces of wood that have soaked in the water source and then harvested for garden areas. They are available for purchase and are normal between ten to twelve inches long. They arrive ready to be placed in a unique garden or space to create a very natural look. They look great when perennials and when flowering or beautiful colorful green vines are added to them. These pieces are very durable and last for several years. The textures of these pieces are also unique, and no part is exactly alike. Sizes may vary.

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