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Driftwood Rustic Piece 16-18"

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Driftwood Rustic Piece 16-18"

Driftwood Rustic Piece 16-18"- These decorative accent pieces of natural driftwood can be found in gardens and landscape designs virtually anywhere.

They add style and function to both residential and commercial gardens. These garden accents are found at plant nurseries and are available typically in sixteen to eighteen-inch pieces. Driftwood is a piece of wood that has been floating in the sea or other bodies of water. Over time the water naturally ages the wood and creates a lighter shade of color. Driftwood is commonly found washed on shore from the tide on beaches and river beds. Some pieces are more extensive, and others are smaller, but the parts that are typically seen in gardens are less than 2 feet in length. Bacteria and worms will naturally decompose the wood as it is floating on the water before washing to shore.

Driftwood Rustic Piece 16-18" can serve as shelter for birds and other animals while floating or once beached.

Boaters may consider driftwood as a nuisance, but lately, it has become a highly sought-after piece of wood for artistic outlets. Driftwood has been used in aquariums and near coy ponds. Driftwood is also used as decorative accent pieces throughout the house. Smaller pieces can be framed and mounted to a wall; larger pieces can be set out on coffee tables. Some more significant pieces of driftwood are made into side tables. Stones and bright colored flowers sometimes surround driftwood in gardens. In some cases, the driftwood has hollowed out areas that can be used as planters and plants can be planted inside of the driftwood to create an artistic garden. The exterior of driftwood can be smooth or harsh; it depends upon the natural erosion and water source that it was found floating in.

Driftwood Rustic Piece 16-18" is a very natural piece for all gardens and adds a particular splendor when added. These pieces are unique and not one of them is exactly like the other. They looked amazing when there are several placed and stacked together. These parts are found in lakes, ponds and also in saltwater locations. They are in various colors and even sizes. This nursery sells these large pieces that range from sixteen to eighteen inches long and look amazing when covered in flowering perennials or beautiful delicate vines. They arrive at the consumer and are ready to use and display in all types of gardens and look breathtaking when used to decorate a pool area. This is an excellent way to spruce up any yard and adds lots of curb appeal to homes. They are very rustic and durable and last for years when placed in a garden. Sizes may vary.

Driftwood Rustic Piece 16-18"



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