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Driftwood for sale

Driftwood Rustic Piece 8-10"

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Driftwood Rustic Piece 8-10"

Driftwood Rustic Pieces are described as wood collected from beaches then polished or sanded and placed for sale.

The driftwood comes from a piece of a tree, or sometimes the entire tree, which has drifted in water sources including rivers, lakes, or the ocean. The trees, or pieces of trees, have fallen into the water through erosion or other natural act. While it is floating in the water, the driftwood often provides shelter as well as food for small animals, fish, and birds. After it washes up onto the beach, the driftwood can provide shelter for plants, birds, and other small animals. They sometimes become the foundation for the formation of dunes on the beach.

When the driftwood enters the water, it goes through a sort of transformation.

The bacteria gribbles and shipworms in the water will work to decompose the wood as it floats around with the current to turn it into nutrients. This helps to provide food for sea life while it remains in the water. The nutrients created helps to build the fishes immune systems by keeping the water slightly acidic. The driftwood will eventually wash up onto the beach.

Various people and groups go out and search the beaches for driftwood. The collected driftwood is eventually sold as decoration, shelter in aquariums, and sometimes made into furniture. The driftwood will vary in sizes with the 8-10 representing the approximate size of the specific piece. The pieces used in garden settings provide a natural appearance. Birds love to perch on these formations in the garden or even placed around the lawn. Reptiles also like the real wood play areas when setting in their terrariums. The colors vary because of wear from the water which also creates a unique texture and appearance to the wood.

Driftwood Rustic is a fantastic way to bring a very natural look and feel to gardens and can also be randomly placed on a lawn to create a beautiful look. They are beautiful when one or several pieces are added together, and the birds will love to be perched upon them. They are beautiful pieces as they are harvested from freshwater sources, and some are also harvested from salt water sources. This creates a charming look and texture to them, and they can often vary in coloration due to the water sources they were in. They are very affordable when ordered from this online nursery and are carefully shipped to the customer and are ready to use in all types of garden areas and also look amazing when added around pool areas. They are also around eight to ten inches long, and the width can also vary in size. Sizes may vary.

Driftwood Rustic Piece 8-10"



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