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Duck Potatoe

Duck Potatoe

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SAGITTARIA LATIFOLIA Climate Zone: 5 to 10 Mature Height: 1 to 4 feet Sunlight: Full sun

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The Duck Potato: Is It All It's Quacked Up To Be

The Duck Potato is best grown in bogs, marshes, and other wetlands. It would make an excellent addition to a water garden. It provides shelter and a food source for aquatic life when grown in the wild. Humans have eaten the tubers for many years. When cooked, they have a taste similar to that of potatoes or chestnuts. Cylinder stalks produce white flowers between July and September. Seed clusters form from August and October.


The duck potato is a perennial freshwater loving plant that indicates a healthy ecosystem by supplying as a food source and shelter to underwater inhabitants. Naturally, they typically can be found growing in colonies anywhere in southern Canada to Central America.


Their strong roots allow them to grow in a variety of different regions. They can grow two stalks (the proper term is scapes) up to 4 ft when mature, showy 2-15 white whorl flowers with three petals each, as well as, large broad arrowhead-shaped leaves. When they bloom their reproductive parts (stamen or pistol) are vibrant yellow. The male parts can be found on the lower portion of the plant, and the females on the upper portion. After, they are fertilized the female parts holding the seeds become a hardy green skeptical.

The Origin Story

If you have never heard of the duck potato, you probably are interested in this plant because of their unique name. This plant creates white tubers covered in a purplish skin on their fragile roots. Some favorite tubers are carrots, yams, ginger, and of course the potato. The names origin came about because when Native American men would hunt ducks, the women would harvest these plants creating an ordinary combination meal they would eat. It was merely a different type of meat and potatoes!

Buy this plant from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Duck Potato will make a good plant around a pond or lake. The ducks, geese and other wildlife will love it. This plant also loves moist soil conditions. It will also be enjoyed by fish and insect that lives in the ponds and lakes. This plant is a perennial and will grow back year after year.

 Duck Potato Ships as Bare Root 

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