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Latin Name-Lemnoideae Hardiness Zones 4-11 Light Requirements: Sun to Part Shade Water Depth: Floating pond plant Ships As - Bareroot Plant

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Facts about Duckweed

Duckweed (Lemna minor), is a tiny light green seed-bearing plant that floats on water, the plant can sometimes be submerged. Duckweed mostly grows in places that are warm and wet, in direct sunlight or even in shades. In slow moving water, the plant floats forming a small blanket. Duckweed can reproduce rapidly. In just sixteen hours to two days, the plant can double depending on the environment it is growing. Some of the Duckweeds can produce specialized buds that are called turions which break off the parental system and sink to the bottom of the water body to over winter. Nine out of the Duckweed species are found in North America.

Duckweed is an aquatic plant has great potential for agriculture and the environment.

The plant belongs to the Lemnacae family, which are a group of small flowering plants with no foliage or stems. However, some have roots. The plants can produce flowers but rarely. Duckweeds grow in dense colonies on water and are not disturbed by the wave action. The dense population is a vital food source for aquatic fish and waterfowl and even to some people in the southeastern Asia and Thailand. Duckweed is known to be containing a lot of protein than soybeans. Apart from being a vital source of food, the Duckweed offers shelter for pond animals such as bullfrogs and fish like bluegills. Because Duckweeds are rich in minerals, they provide valuable livestock feeds and can also be used as fertilizers. The plant can also be put in a freshwater aquarium.

Duckweed can also be utilized to purify water by regulating the growth of algae and converting waste and sewage water into treated water and biomass.

The plants are also used to keep water fresh and reduce evaporation because if their dense blanket cover. In some places, duckweeds are being used to control mosquitos by blocking them from laying their eggs on the water surface. Duckweed is a perennial plant that will come back every year. This plant grows in moist soil and shallow water. This plant needs lots of water to live but is great for ponds and wetlands. This is the perfect plant for any home. This is a good pond or wetland plant and looks good too.


Scientific Name: Lemna Aequinoctialis

Plant Height: 1”

Plant Width: Spreads continuously

Growth/Year: Endless as they can double in size in two days

Soil Type: Pond/Container

Sun: Full/Part sun

The Duckweed grows very fast which causes it to be thinned out often. It is an aquatic plant that flowers occasionally. Beings it is made up of fronds and has very tiny, thin like roots, it will grow well in slow-moving water. Birds or animals can transport the Duckweed so one may find them growing most anywhere except for where it is freezing. It is also known as “water lens.”




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