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Fragile Fern is a native , deciduous perennial plant.plant.

Fragile Fern

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Hardy Zones - 4-9, Partial To- Shady Areas- Soil Type- Moist

Fragile Fern is often found in the under carriage of the forest

A sign that can be used when wondering if you are looking at a Fragile fern in nature is to look around and under the greenery for the fallen leaves from the year before. At the base of the stem of the fern, the stem tends to be brittle and will eventually fall off onto the ground. The fern is a native plant.

Fragile Fern is a deciduous perennial plant

The leaves of this plant are yellowish green to green in color. Another name for the fern is brittle bladder fern or Cystopteris fragilis. The happiest place for a Fragile fern to call home would have a lot of shade and soil that is very moist. Each leaf on a Fragile fern is made up of many smaller leaves. The leaves taper from the tip of the leaf to the bottom of the leaf.

Fragile Fern's veins go to the end of the leaf blade all the way from the stem.

Each blade on each leaf measure as much as 30 cm to as little as 5 cm. The stalks on this plant are found to be hairless. There are kidney-shaped circular sori located on the fern. Below the ground is where you will find this plant growing in a rhizome way. The Fragile fern's fronds happen to bear spores. These spores can be compared to those of the sterile fronds.

States that you can find this plant growing to its best ability include Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut. In these states, you can see the fern growing in terrestrial areas in rocky slopes and talus. Out of all of the Cystopteris species, the fern is the one most likely to be found in latitudes and elevations that are the highest. 

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