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Gama grass has a great foliage and color for any home.

Gama Grass

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BOUTELOUA GRACILIS USDA Climate Zones- 4-9 Height-1-2ft width- 1ft Sun: full sun

Gama Grass is also frequently called tripsacum dactyloides and eastern gamagrass

They belong to the Poaceae family, and it is native to the east part of the United States. Gamagrass can be found in Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Connecticut. They are also found in Brazil and Paraguay. These perennial plants grow in prairies, savannas, thickets, and other moist places.

Gama Grass's average height is 2 to 3 feet, but it can grow up to 8 to 10 feet

The leaves all grow from the base of the plant. They do this because the stem of the grass is short. The leaves as well as the stems of this plant are green and purplish and have no hair on them. The blades are curved and floppy. May through October are when the flowers bloom. They have red spikes and are monoecious. This means that the plant contains both male and female spikelets on the same plant. The bloom period lasts for about 1 to 2 weeks. The plant produces seeds for about three months after June. The seeds are known to grow quite slowly. Gamagrass prefers partial or full sun. It requires soil that is fertilized and moist. It can also be put in clay loam soil.

Due to the deep root system, gamagrass can withstand dry, hot temperatures. The Gama Grass has USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 to 10. Field corn, or Zea mays, is a relative of gamagrass. Caterpillars, beetles, and gall fly all feed off of this plant. Livestock including bison and elk also feed off of this plant. In prairies, a lot of wildlife animals can use tall gamagrass as a protective shelter. Gamagrass was also used in the 1980s and 1990s by settlers to feed their cattle.

Gama Grass is an excellent grass plant

This plant has impressive foliage and color for any home. The plant is unique for farmers as cattle love it. The plant grows slowly at first but then bursts out. This plant grows best in moist soils. This plant also produces excellent in rows.

Gama Grass



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