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Garden Moss collection

Garden Moss collection

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Garden Moss collection: Mosses In landscaping

There are over a dozen different types of mosses that can be purchased, but they all serve the same purpose. Moss creates a beautiful green area that provides a forest look to any garden. Moss looks incredibly natural, and it only has to be watered two times a week while making sure it remains firmly within the soil. It is expected to last several years.

Moss is also great for people who want to point certain plants out, especially colorful ones. Moss is very easy to keep clean. The only maintenance that is needed is to sweep leaves and similar debris off it.

Garden Moss collection is a package of our best mosses. They can be grown both outdoors and in for the best look. They can turn a shady area where plants may not develop into a bright and vibrant space with color. Moss holds its green foliage year round which leaves a homeowner with color year round even in the heart of winter. You can grow them in a water feature, aquarium, terrarium or under trees. They can grow on wood, rocks, trees, and dirt. Anywhere there is shade and moisture moss can seem to take root and develop. Garden Moss collection is a wonder to a home. 

Garden Moss collection




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