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Golden Privet is a perennial privet shrub which is famous as a hedge.

Golden Privet

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Latin Name- Golden Ligustrum Hardy Planting Zone- 5-8 Mature Height- 4-15 ft Width- 4-8 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

Golden Privet is a perennial privet shrub which is famous as a hedge.

It has also been used in privacy screen plantings and to accentuate residential landscapes. It derives its scientific name Lingustrum Vicaryi due to its golden foliage. This particular privet’s leaves are glossy. During the spring, the privet produces berry-like fruits and soft white flowers. The Golden Privet is deemed to be a classic choice for those wanting hedges.
Growing Your Golden Plant!
The golden plant is a favorite among those looking to add some unique color to their yard or even wanting a houseplant for the indoors. It is relatively small but has beautiful golden and dark green heart-shaped leaves growing from its branches; however, in the wild, it is common to see the vines of this plant growing up to 20 meters in height. As the plant gets older, the leaves get more substantial, with the younger leaves measuring about 8 inches and the older leaves up to 3 feet in size.

Golden Privet needs specific breeding to generate plants with more gold, white, or green color

Growing these plants is relatively easy in places with more mild summers, as planting the seedlings during the late winter or early spring will lead to blooming by early to mid-summer.When planting this beautiful decoration, pick a sunny location with typical soil. Soil that is too wet will drown the plant, while land that is too dry will not provide enough nutrients. Water the soil regularly during the seedling phase. As the seedlings begin to grow, gradually scale back the watering as excessive watering will cause root rot. Fertilizer is to be used only every other year. As the cycles continue, it is acceptable to sow the seeds during the fall. While selecting average soil that is relatively loose yet not too dry or wet is appropriate. These can grow in aquariums. When placed in the top of an aquarium, the roots will grow into the water. This will keep the aquarium clear of nitrates as the plant soaks them up, which is good for the fish, but the plant will use the nitrates for growth. The plant is also used to remove pollutants from the environment on its own such as xylene, benzene, and even formaldehyde.

Golden Privet is a houseplant, if appropriately grown, typically will reach a few meters in height but can grow as tall as 20 meters. In the outdoors, these plants can climb all the way up trees to dozens of meters tall.

Hardy Planting Zones: 5-8

Mature Height: 6 - 12 ft.

Width: 7 - 10 ft.

Shape: varies from a vase, oval, or round shaped

Growth: approximately 2.25 ft. per year

Sunlight: Shade to full sun

Soil: Capable of growing in various soils

Botanical name: Lingustrum Vicaryi

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