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Gooseberry Shrub

Gooseberry Shrub

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Gooseberry is a low-maintenance shrub and perfect for any area where it is hard to grow other plants. 

Gooseberry Shrub is self-pollinating, and the berries come out in June and glossy dark green and purple foliage.

When the seeds bloom, the color is rosy pink. The fruit hangs in clusters with long green stems. Just one of the good things about this plant is that it is very mildew resistant. The berries are very juicy and soft they are standard size berries.

Gooseberry Shrub is a small, shrub related to the current.

Gooseberry Shrub grows well in the Midwest and thrives without too much care in a variety of soils.

The bushes bloom with small pinkish-green flowers in early spring and produce grape-sized berries in the summertime. The small red or green (called white) fruit of the gooseberry bush can be used in preserves, pies, and other deserts and is high in pectin. In the Fall, the gooseberry's fringed leaves turn a lovely red.

A low-maintenance, unfussy little shrub that does well in less than inviting terrain, it enjoys the shade and full sun about equally. It is resistant to shallow temperatures, but likes moisture and will not do well in desert climates where the summers are hot and dry.

Perfect for home gardens of any size, it can be grown in bushes, along borders, or in espaliers for easy harvesting. Gooseberry Shrub grows great. 

Gooseberry Shrub Ships as Bare Root 


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