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Ground moss is a prehistoric-like plant that can survive in many places where other plants can't.

Ground Fern Moss

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Ground Fern Moss- Thuidium delicatulum Hardy Planting Zones 1-9 Sun or Shade- Shade/Partial Shade Mature Height- 4-5 feet Mature Width- 5-6 feet Bloom Season- all year Gardener Status- Beginner

Ground Fern Moss is a prehistoric-like plant that can survive in many places where other plants can't

It clings to dead trees, old cement statues and sidewalks, and the ground, which is how it got its name. Although its height is less than an inch tall, it makes up for the difference by spreading out quickly.

Ground Fern Moss has to have plenty of water to survive

It loves places that stay drenched from the rain and the splash-over from streams and rivers. So although it can get started anywhere from the North to the southernmost part of the United States, it doesn't live long if a summer drought sets in.The soil requirements for this plant are very minimal. It prefers an acidic soil that is less than 6.5 pH. Anything higher than this will be detrimental to its health. So those who wish to grow it will have to make an area of their yard acidic with lime or vinegar. But gardeners should use caution when doing this because the soil changes usually make it difficult for anything else to grow in the area.

Ground Fern Moss is very easy to plant and grow

Getting Ground Fern Moss started is simple. All a gardener has to do is find a clump of the stuff growing somewhere. Then, they have to break it up into pieces in a kitchen blender that contains two cups of buttermilk. Once the moss is blended up, the mixture has to be poured wherever the gardener wants it to grow.

 Ground Fern Moss is a great plant.


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