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Hazel Alder

Hazel Alder

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Hazel Alder, Alnus Serrulata

Hazel Adler - Alnus serrulata.

The hazel alder is a short tree or shrub. It grows best in moist environments with sun or partial sunlight. The moist soil near bodies of water, streams, and rivers is the more suitable environments for hazel alder to grow. It grows along the banks of the Mississippi in the Southern states the river cuts through. They require neutral pH level soil to grow properly. It is native to the Eastern side of North America. It has been spotted growing in the wild in Nova Scotia, all down the east coast to Florida, and even in Texas.

It takes approximately a decade for hazel alder to fully mature. The full height of the hazel alder is about 8 feet to 13 feet. The hazel alder has many stems that grow up from the base. The round smoothly edged leaves are deep green on top. The bottom of the leaves is a pale green. The catkins flowers that grow from the hazel alder is a reddish green color. The hazel alder is monoecious. The shrub tree has slightly bigger male flowers and smaller female flowers. The male flowers are 1 inch to 3 inches long. The female flowers are 1/2 inch in length. The flowers form in the spring months of March and April. The fruit of hazel alder is in the form of a dark brown cone full of seeds. The cones form in the fall months.

Hazel alder is also called “smooth alder.” Hazel alder is from the Betulaceae family. This perennial shrub is available for sale from numerous tree and shrub sellers. A full tree or a partially grown nursery hazel alder shrub tree may be acquired. Sellers often offer to sell multiple hazel alder trees. If purchasing various trees, be sure to plant them 5 to 10 feet apart.

Hazel Alder


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The shrub is known colloquially as the "Hazel Alder," or less frequently as the "common alder" or "smooth alder," grows naturally in the types of thickets found on the banks of rivers or streams. One of its best uses is for naturally revitalizing such areas that have been damaged by erosion or other types of deforestation. Besides acting as a stabilizing and restoring shrub, the hazel alder has pleasant red-green catkin flowers that can blend in with a subtle addition to the borders of your garden. The bitter, astringent bark can be brewed into a natural tea, acting as a home remedy for mouth pain, coughs and some mild stomach ailments. The hazel alder's fruit forms in small cones, which arrive in the fall and remain on the shrub for much of the winter. Though the hazel alder is happiest near running water, swamps or ponds, it will still thrive in other moist soil with PH levels between 6.8 and 7.2, if given sufficient space to grow. This shrub would make a great border around any lawn or landscape. It would be great for that natural fencing that you are looking for. This shrub also prefers moist soil conditions. You will enjoy having this shrub on your lawn, and it will be beautiful.

Hazel Alder


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