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Hazel Alder Live Stakes

Hazel Alder Live Stakes

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Latin Name- ALNUS SERRULATA Zones 3-8 Mature height- 8-12 ft Mature Width- 20-30 ft Growth/year- 3 ft Sunlight- Full sun

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The Hazel Alder Live Stakes is a large shrub also known as the smooth alder and scientifically known as the Alnus serrulata.

It is used near streams, ponds, and riversides and much used as a medicine it has also been known to help with childbirth.

This small tree can grow as tall as 8 to 12 feet tall and takes approximately ten years to mature. Just as with other shrubs similar to this plant, it needs moist soil and has about 400,000 seeds per pound.

The beauty of this plant is much valued as it's fruit and flowers blooms best during the spring and continuing into the summer.

This plant looks are most appealing as the flowers are reddish green, the fruit is a brown cone-like with small ridged wings and the leaves of this plant is are flat with a dark green color and rough texture.

Hazel Alder Live Stakes is a smallish tree that can grow up to 20 feet in height with a spread of up to 30 feet. It grows at its best in full sun or partial shade and thrives in moist soils. You will love your Hazel Alder because of its pleasant tone. You will also enjoy the value it adds to your home. The hazel alder can make your home stand out so that it looks excellent among anyone else's. 

Hazel Alder Live Stakes are great plants.


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