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Hazel Alder - Alnus Serrulata Seedlings for Sale

Hazel Alder Seedling

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Latin Name- ALNUS SERRULATA Zones 3-8 Mature height- 8-12 ft Mature Width- 20-30 ft Growth/year- 3 ft Sunlight- Full sun

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Hazel Alder Seedling is a small tree, but more commonly known for being a large shrub.

The leaves are serrated and leathery with long, straight veins. The leaves are not retained each year. The bark is smooth and gray with a strong aromatic odor.

The ideal place for maximum growth is along streambanks and marshy areas where the soil is very moist and rich in nutrients. The shrub can reach 8-12ft tall after ten years with the maximum height of 20-30ft and equally as wide.

The Hazel Alder has both male and female buds. The female buds are a reddish color and grow at the end of the branch, pointing upwards. The male catkins are long and hang down from the branches. The male buds produce the pollen, which is then distributed by the wind to the female buds that turn into a cone-like fruit. This fruit ripens in late fall and matures throughout the winter months with flowers appearing in early spring.

The Hazel Alder is the ideal tree for providing privacy, growing three or more feet per year.

This dense shrub is used to stabilize streambanks and provide cover for wildlife and a home for birds.

The wood can be used for furniture, and the female cones are used in flower arrangements. This tree is low maintenance and can easily be found in nurseries.

This tree is native to the northeast and can be found from southern Maine to northern Florida, requiring sun, but also growing in partial shade.

Hazel Alder Seedling is an excellent addition to any lawn because of its shade. You will love this tree because of the color it adds to your yard during the summer and fall months. This tree is great because it adds value to your home. This tree does best in full to partial sun. It also does best in moist soil. This tree will add a lot of beautiful color to your yard. The Hazel Alder tree is even loved for its remarkable adaptability.

Hazel Alder Seedling


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