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Red Raspberry

Heritage Red Raspberry

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Heritage red raspberry is picked to be the favorite of this variety because of its sweet, ripe flavor.

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Heritage Red Raspberry - Fruits From The Vine

Heritage Red Raspberry - Rubus idaeus.

The Heritage Red Raspberry shrub is not only high for beautifying landscapes, but it also produces excellent tasting treats. This shrub is renown for its low maintenance, low pesticide needs, and the beautifully colored fruit it bears. The Heritage Red Raspberry can be grown inside or out, depending on your choice. Also, the shrub produces succulent fruit twice in the year.

This beautiful shrub loves the sun. The best time to plant is during high or full sun; this will produce an abundance of the best berries.

Berries typically blossom during the Fall, and again in the Spring. The best locations in the United States for the Heritage is the central part of the U.S.; generally around Iowa through the mid to lower portions of Texas. These states are prime areas for the Heritage Red Raspberry, due to the climate and soil.

The Rubus idaeus family has many variations of the Heritage Red Raspberry Shrub. Shrubs can produce yellow, dark (almost black), and even purple fruit. The best season to plant a new bush is in the Winter, which will yield its fruit by the next season. The Flowers it produces is an excellent source of nectar for pollinating bees or birds. For those of us that enjoy watching nature, the Heritage Red Raspberry is sure to attract.

When planting the Heritage outdoors or indoors, it is best to have the shrubs at least in well-drained soil to avoid root rot. Raised beds or ridges are a great option to use to prevent the possibility of root rot also. 

Heritage has lived up to its name. Ever since its introduction by Cornell University, New York, in the 1960s, it has been the standard by which all raspberries have been judged. Strong-growing canes bear delicious bright red berries, ready for harvest from August through October. Today the Heritage Raspberry is a favorite from California to New England. and has proved itself over the years as the classic raspberry for jams, jellies, raspberry sauces, and of course, the simple beautiful bowl at breakfast. It's also one of the hardiest for cold climates.

Heritage Red Raspberry


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