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Hi Bush Blueberry Plants typically grows to between 6 and 12 feet high when it is mature.

Hi Bush Blueberry

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Highbush Blueberries, Vaccinium corymbosum, are tall plants which can reach a height of 6-8 feet, with the berries being larger than lowbush blueberries, and produce more berries than the low bush.

Hi Bush Blueberry bush produces some of the worlds sweetest berries that you have ever tasted

The blueberry bush is known worldwide for the amounts of fruit it provides and is used for some commercial blueberry growers. This plant nickname is actually "bountiful blue" for all the fruit it produces. This plant best grows in acidic, well-drained soil and regular watering. This plant is excellent for any home.

The Hi Bush Blueberry species is a common variety native to North America, which can grow in some different climates. It typically grows to between 6 and 12 feet high when it is mature. The entire blueberry tree will usually be about as full as it is tall, which allows it to put out quite a bit of its fruit. This is one of the reasons why the plant is highly sought after by growers and cultivars.

Hi Bush Blueberry bush has many different varieties with early harvest seasons

The Duke and Patriot varieties often have early harvest seasons. The Aurora and Darrow types usually will have later harvest seasons. The plant typically grows best in wide open areas, where it can receive more sunlight. It also tends to prefer acidic soil that is well drained. The plant is very hardy so that it can be grown in some different climates.

Tree Height:4-6 ft
Tree Width: 3ft
Soil Type: Slightly acidic
Sun: Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade

Hi Bush Blueberry bush will grow as a single bush unless it is not managed and pruned correctly

The shrub grows tall with long, thin branches and bright green and orange leaves. The branches are green in color with small leaves at the tips. Blueberries should be planted in the early spring. Using healthy two to three-year-old plants work best because fruits may not bloom the first year. This is a beautiful bush with vibrant red and orange foliage. This plant grows wild in the Eastern mountains of the United States. They will grow six feet tall and bear fruit for some years. The blueberries produced in this bush are dark purple and provide a sweet, healthy snack.

Hi Bush Blueberry


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