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The Hornbeam Tree is a great landscaping tree

The Hornbeam tree or Carpinus Caroliniana is commonly known as the Ironwood, Blue Beech or Musclewood tree. 

It is a hardwood tree boasting a beautiful bluish-gray bark that is on a solid trunk with muscle-like ridges. In early spring, this graceful tree blooms (at the end of the branches) with both white and yellowish-green flowers. The white, female flowers give way to long hanging fruit clusters. The delicate 3-inch leaves of the Hornbeam tree turn from a deep green to yellow, orange and red hues in the fall. These trees are rather hardy; they are pest, disease and even smog resistant. Due to their unique root system, they are also very tolerant of high winds and harsh winter elements. The Hornbeam is a favorite among butterflies, songbirds, and squirrels. Deer and beavers have been known to enjoy browsing on the leaves and twigs as well. These trees are found growing beneath more massive trees in their native setting which makes them a perfect choice for privacy screens and property borders.

In a backyard landscape, they celebrated for avid bird watchers, and the Hornbeam tree is a favorite for lining sidewalks and streetscapes.

This under story tree can be placed in sunny to shaded areas and tolerates many soils making it versatile and easy to keep. It provides terrific shade and windbreak. The Hornbeam is named for its toughness related to the sturdy wood it gives. Its tall height gives it a majestic appearance that is only highlighted even more during the autumn months when the usually beautiful green leaves transform into a vivid scarlet and orange display.

Climate Zone: 3 to 9
Mature Height: 20 to 30 feet
Mature Width: 20 to 30 feet
Sunlight: full sun to full shade
Soil Conditions: moist to wet soil that is well drained
Shape: oval
Growth: fast-growing
Botanical Name: Carpinus caroliniana




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