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Horse Tail Grass

Horse Tail Grass

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Latin Name-Equisetum Hyemale Hardy Zone-4-9 Mature Height-2-4ft Width-1-6ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Horsetail Grass resembles a horsetail, hence its name.

Other names in use are snake grass, mare’s tail, joint grass, and horse pipes. Horsetail belongs to the Equisetum family and reproduces via spores and not by flowers or seeds. Horsetail Grass is shaped like a reed with dark green, jointed stems that are hollow. These stems are highly attractive due to the stems possessing striking black and cream-colored bands. Three common forms of horsetail grass are giant horsetail, field horsetail, and smooth scouring rush.

Horsetail Grass can be grown in either dry or wet soil, and the recommended growing zones are seven through ten. Horsetail prefers the sun and grows very well in areas that have high heat and humidity. As horsetail can spread quickly, people often use pots as containers. This hardy perennial has an intense root system and does very well in poor soil, making it an excellent choice for planting in challenging areas where other plants may fail to thrive. Horsetail grass should be germinated from seed six weeks before the last frost and then transplanted to the outdoors in early spring.

The versatile horsetail has multiple uses.

The dark green color and clean, straight lines can be incorporated attractively into the landscape as an ornamental plant in contained garden beds and planters. It can accentuate design elements in garden ponds, ornamental pools, and various other water landscape areas by being planted in submerged pots. Horsetail can also be harvested as young shoots to be prepared and eaten similarly as asparagus and can be grown and utilized as a herb with many useful medicinal properties. Horsetail grass contains silica, a mineral that is conducive to building healthy bones by helping to increase calcium absorption. Horsetail has traditionally been used with fractures, breaks and other bone traumas to promote bone healing.

Horse Tail grass is well known native wetland grass. This wetland grass is an excellent addition to any home. This plant can be found natively around wetland, ponds, and lakes. This plant needs full sunlight to grow efficiently. This plant also needs good moist soil to grow to its best. This plant commonly forms very dense colonies of plants near the coast.

Horse Tail Grass



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