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Jewel Weed will produce lovely orange flowers and will appear in clusters on the plant.

Jewel Weed

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Climate zone: 2-11, Mature height: 2-6 ft, Blooming season: Summer, Soil conditions: Moist, Botanical name: Capensis, Ship as: Bareroot

Jewel Weed is also known as Impatiens Capensis

The best way to deal with Ivy Rash Poison is by prevention, however, there some incidences where you come into contact with the Ivy Rash by accident.

Jewel Weed can be used to relieve Poison Ivy itch

Ivy Rash is known to cause an awful itching and the only way to relieve that itching is by applying the extracts from the Jewelweed. However, if the case is severe, you have to make sure you go an extra mile regarding extracting the excerpts from the plant, and that why buying jewelweed extract is more convenient when compared to removing the extract yourself.

Jewelweed also come in handy when you develop scabs, however, in this case, you need to rub the infected place longer, even when one forms a crust, it takes longer for the blisters to heal. Jewelweed's salves and poultices are natural remedies for burns, sprains, sores, ringworms, eczema, ringworm, and bruises.

Jewel Weed has many medical uses

Maybe you are wondering what to do your body immediately comes into contact with a poison ivy plant and you don't have any jewelweed at the moment. There three steps that you should take within the first ten minutes, the first step is to apply and continuous rub alcohol to the infected area, rinse the place with water and then use soap and warm water and thoroughly wash the area. This helps prevent the poison ivy's urushiol's from reacting with the skin proteins.

The way jewelweed work is that it completely neutralizes the urushiol which is an antigen oil produced by the poison ivy. The Urushiol oil can be carried and then transferred to your skin by so many things such as toys, clothing, pet's fur and of course shoe.


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Jewel Weed will produce lovely orange flowers and will appear in clusters on the plant. It does excellent in moist soil conditions.

Jewel Weed


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