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Joe Pye

Joe Pye

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Latin Name-Eutrochium Fistulosum Hardy Zone-3-9 Mature Height-5-7ft Width-2-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Eutrochium purpureum, also called Joe Pye plant, trumpet weed and gravel root, is a flowering annual that thrives in hardiness zones five through 10.

The late-blooming plant produces dense clusters of purplish-pink flowers in late summer and early autumn, making it a colorful addition to late-blooming gardens, border plantings, and butterfly gardens.

This plant readily withstands both alkaline and acidic growing conditions but thrives in shady areas with moist soil. Full sun to partial shade is recommended. Partially shaded areas are the best choice for growing Joe Pye in hot, dry regions that are prone to drought. Sow seedlings in early autumn to produce blooms the following year, or plant seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost of the season. Harden the seedlings off before planting outdoors.

To ensure adequate moisture, plant seedlings around water features like ponds, or sow seedlings along shaded woodland borders to create a colorful autumn display. The tall stalks are also an excellent addition to sunny spaces like flower gardens, especially when creating gardens with layers of bright blooms.

When planted in a sunny location, amend the soil with organic matter, and water the plants often to encourage abundant blossoms. In gardens, consider planting Joe Pye in the back row to allow for the plant's height, which can range between 4 and 10 feet.

At maturity, the heavy blossoms can cause the stems to bend under the weight of the flowers, creating a dramatic border for woodland and roadside plantings. Opt for shorter varieties to prevent bent stalks, or use garden stakes to support taller plants.

After the blossoms begin to die, dig the plant up, and divide the roots. Replant the origins after division, cutting away dead stalks as needed. The stems can also remain on the plant until the last frost of the season. After the last frost, cut the dead stems away to encourage new growth.

Buy this plant from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. This will make a great addition to any natural area. This plant loves moist soil conditions. This plant grows excellent around bodies of water. It is also a very fast growing plant and will come back year after year.

Joe Pye



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