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Leaf Mulch – 5 Gallon Bags

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Leaf Mulch 5-gallon bags

Leaf mulch is a great organic type of mulch to use around a home, in flower gardens and natural areas and also in a beautiful vegetable garden.

This is a great way to put all of those fall leaves to work as they can supply a perfect mulch for all areas. They are always chopped to be very fine before adding them to a compost unit to become mulch. They also need to be kept dry and stirred every so often to help get air into the leaves. This mulch takes months to create but is conveniently available from this beautiful online nursery at a very affordable price for all. It comes in five-gallon bags and is ready to use once the consumer receives it. This mulch is excellent to use as an insulator for plants during the winter months of the year, and they are also rich in carbon which provides a unique fertilizer for all types of gardens. Leaf Mulch is great for almost anything. 

Leaf Mulch 



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