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Leatherwood Ferns are best planted in areas that are like woodlands.

Leatherwood Ferns

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Leather Wood Fern – Dryopteris marginalis Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Part Shade, Shade Mature Height - 18-23” Mature Width- 23-29” Bloom Season – Non-flowering Gardener Status- Beginner

Leatherwood Ferns are best planted in areas that are like woodlands

They are native to north-eastern North America's forests. This plant has leathery green fonds. These leathery green fonds are arranged in s single-crowned clump. The foliage color is a deep green color. They are best used in woodland, like wildflowers, in containers, as a border. These plants have a good accent, texture, and form. It will grow best in gardens that are moist, with shady conditions to it. This type of plant is smooth and reliable. It will look great as a border to a garden, or in a garden with a lot of shade. If you have a garden that has the right conditions for this plant, it will make a beautiful addition to your garden.

Leatherwood Ferns are easy to grow in the right conditions, and plants that will stay looking nice if it lives in the right conditions

This plant is one of the best plants for homes and hanging pots. They grow great indoors with the proper care. In the appropriate sunlight and moist soil, they will grow 2 ft high and 1 ½ ft wide. Surprisingly this plant is quite drought resistant even though it needs wet soil. The color is a dark green and brown which resembles the look of leather.

The Leatherwood fern is a beautiful addition to any landscape. This fern produces vase shaped foliage in vivid bluish green to olive green color. The hardy nature of these ferns makes them a welcomed addition to border gardens around the home. Due to their ease of growth, leatherwood ferns are suitable additions to shaded rock gardens, native gardens, around dense trees and woodland gardens. It is also a great addition to container gardens. This fern is noninvasive making it a welcomed addition to any shaded garden. The Leatherwood fern begins sprouting in the early spring and continues to produce until frost begins.


Tree Height: twenty-four to thirty-six inches

Tree Spread: eighteen inches

Soil Type: moist soil

Sun: partial to full shade

Leatherwood Ferns are used in arrangements and backdrops

These ferns are slow growers and do not spread rapidly. This fern will sprout in the early spring with bright green foliage that will gradually darken throughout the summer. Due to the shape and the bright coloring of the leaves, this fern is popular with florists who use them in fresh arrangements. The Leatherwood fern is an excellent investment to any garden due to its hardy nature and continued growth each year.

Leatherwood Fern



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