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Loblolly Pine is very adaptable to many different soil types and will thrive just about anywhere.

Loblolly Pine Seedlings

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Latin Name- Pinus Taeda, Hardy Planting Zone- 6-9 Mature Height- 60-90 ft Width- 25-30' Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun


Loblolly Pine Seedlings are also known as the Oldfield Pine 

It is known to be a significant tree because of how common it is, over fifty percent of pine trees standing today are Loblolly. They are classified as the pioneer tree when they are in fields because they are the first to grow and they grow at a fast pace. These trees can grow up to one hundred feet in height with and a trunk that can reach up to three feet around.

Loblolly Pine Seedlings are commonly found in the United States

The easiest way to tell them apart from other pine trees is they have a cluster of three needles. On Loblolly Pines you can find yellowish-orange flowers that give way to their cones. Loblolly Pine Seedlings are commonly planted for production of commercial timber and paper and also used to cleanse and reduce erosion in the soil. Loblolly Pines are great for most any types of climates, and they are very good at adapting to any soil.

Loblolly Pine Seedlings do good with very little sunlight and are like I said, perfect for the soil


Mature Width: Ninety to One Hundred and Ten Feet


Growth/Year: Most Than Two Feet


Sunlight: Full to Partial Sun


Soil Conditions: Adaptable to Any


Botanical Name: Pinus taeda



The Loblolly Pine is a great tree.

If you are looking for a beautiful tree, then this is the tree that would be perfect for you. It is very adaptable to many different soil types and will thrive just about anywhere. This pine will give you gorgeous green color all year long. This tree also attracts many different wildlife species, so not only will you enjoy the magnificent tree but you will also enjoy all the wildlife it will bring to your yard.

 Loblolly Pine Seedlings


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